Evacuation centre (OSEP)

Operator's Centre for Evacuees and Next of Kin (OSEP in Norwegian): An evacuation centre is an assembly location for physically uninjured persons who have been involved in an incident. Here they are taken care of and offered counselling services, and helped reunite with their next of kin.

Similarly, a next-of-kin centre is a physical assembly point for next of kin who need information, help, care, and someone to talk to. OFFB has established an Operator's Centre for Evacuees and Next of Kin in the Norwegian coastal towns of Stavanger, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansund, Brønnøysund and Hammerfest. Each OSEP carries out exercises twice a year.

In case an incident offshore requires personnel to be transported to shore, hotels with which we have an agreement will be prepared, rooms made available and the necessary resources called in. Expert personnel such as the police, chaplains, medical personnel, representatives of the operator and other professionals will be on hand to take care of those affected.

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