Offshore Health Services AS

OHS provides OFFB with an on-duty doctor service and psychosocial expertise.

OHS has operative and locally resident on-duty doctor teams at all locations, as well as access to video conferencing equipment and offshore nurses. It also offers professional medical training to offshore nurses.


Cegal supplies OFFB with IT administration and consultant services, as well as IT equipment.


CIM fra One Voice is currently the leading integrated crisis management software on the market.

Quality Hotel Pond

The Quality Hotel Pond is our nearest neighbour and our preferred hotel for hosting conferences and providing overnight accommodation.


Securitas employs more than 6,000 security personnel spread among its divisional offices over all of Norway, at 44 of the country’s airports, and at six heliports

Norwegian Church Abroad

The organisation Norwegian Church Abroad has experience and comprehensive expertise in the follow-up of people during accident and crisis situations in foreign countries.


StormGeo is a world-leader in the field of decision support for weather-critical operations in the offshore and shipping sectors.

Thon Hotels

Thon Hotels is one of Norway’s leading hotel chains. It was first established as the Rainbow Hotels chain in 1989.

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